The Best Italian Pizza…is in Switzerland

First let me get this out of the way: I’ve been to Italy many times and eaten the pizza there and it’s very good. Ok? Calm down. Now. The BEST Italian pizza is in Switzerland, in a tiny hamlet with very little to do there, at a restaraunt called Pizzeria Gambrinus Walzenhausen. It’s run by Italians, cooked by Italians, and it kicked off a now 2-year strong truffle and garlic sauce obsession for me.

So let me tell you how good this pizza was. You know how sometimes food seems better than it is because you’re just having an amazing time? Yeah that didn’t happen. I was having a terrible time. I had the worst sinus infection of my life, constant head pain, was covered in bug bites, and dying of boredom. I wasn’t caught up in the moment at all. I wasn’t even hungry. I told my husband, I think I’ll just skip dinner, I want to stay in bed. He said nope, we are in Switzerland once, and you need something in your stomach, lets at least try the food. So we walked to the nearest restaraunt. I recall even being disappointed that it was Italian (we are in Switzerland, what do they eat there?). We found the pot of gold under the rainbow.

My pizza was doused in truffle oil, garlic, crispy singed mushrooms and super thinly shaved cheese. I ate the ENTIRE pizza, except one slice. I lost out on the last slice because of a language barrier. “Are you finished now madam?” The waiter asked. “No, it’s so fantastic, I’m going to eat it all.” I replied. “Wonderful”, the waiter said AS HE TOOK MY FINAL PIECE AWAY. I said no!! nooooooooo! I thought, maybe he’s packing it up for me. Nope. He didn’t come back with it. But honestly I ate enough for three people already so I let it go.

I still dream about this pizza and have tried to recreate it at home with no luck. Keith also “loved” his pizza…he won’t say it’s the best pizza in the world, but he would go back. Just listen to my side of the story. Michelin Guide actually contacted me to use my photo review on Instagram so I’d say it’s considered by everyone with taste to be damn good pizza.