Dessert, Dessert, Dessert

Hi my name is Randi and I have a dessert problem. Dessert being one of my long-standing passions, and considering I really do have a separate stomach specifically to make room for it, these posts are devoted to decadent delights from around the world in no particular order.

Up first: Hungarian chocolatier rozsavolgyicsokolade. I still bemoan not getting to try the sushi chocolate, with crunchy rice and salmon oil embeded in lustrous small-batch chocolate. Siiiiigh. I did at least get to try some of their other weird confections. Lime and caramel dark chocolate bonbons? Yes please. Balsamic coffee chocolate? Yep. Palinka soaked cocoa nibs? You bet. All beans sourced directly from planters all over the world and made in small quantities, and you bet I tried some beans too.