Turkish Highland Meadow Soup Recipe

I was lucky enough to beg this recipe from a Turkish nun, who hand-scrawled it on a scrap of paper, and then to find a Turkish and English speaker to translate it. The nuns made a feast of a meal from scratch at the heart of a valley in Cappadocia. It just goes to show you cant beat old fashioned home cooking, because this is the best soup of my life. I believe this soup is also known as Turkish Highland Meadow Soup (Yayla ├žorbas─▒). There are some variations: you can incorporate home-made chicken stock (our chefs were actually vegetarian, which is why my recipe does not include it), chick peas, and garlic. The base, however, is always the same. Don’t bother with anything less than full-fat! You can also transform this into a dip by reducing the amount of water. Serve warm or cold! This creamy nutritious soup is easy on the stomach and considered a casual comfort food in Turkey.

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